Saturday afternoon another Hamas militant was killed in a separate tunnel collapse

Iraqi police and Kurdish security forces deploy in Kirkuk on October 21, 2016, after Islamic State jihadist gunmen attacked the city

ROME - ''There are two models of power: a despotic one of the Pharaoh and that of the 'shura' followed by the Queen of Sheba, who consulted the people. Arab countries were unfortunately governed by Pharaohs and not by Queens of Sheba'', said the leader of Ennahda, Rached Ghannouchi. He concluded referring to a figure that is both in the Bible and the Koran in a speech yesterday held at a meeting on 'Islam and democracy: the Tunisian exception', promoted by Ispi with the president of Italian foreign affairs commission Pier Ferdinando Casini.

Syria's first lady rejects offers as 'attempt to shatter people's confidence in their president'

Syria conflict could spark world war between Russia and US, Turkey warns


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