(Drenn Drenn) Tunisian application to solve the problems of taxi service

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(Drenn Drenn) Tunisian application to solve the problems of taxi service (Drenn Drenn) Tunisian application to solve the problems of taxi service

(Drenn Drenn) will be the only Tunisian-made transport application designed by Frenchmen and Tunisians to solve individual transport problems and costs for effort, time and money for all people who want to move around the clock.

How does the Drenn Drenn platform work?

The Drenn Drenn platform is based on an Android phone or IPhone and equipped with the most advanced geolocation technology, the application will allow the user to find the nearest available taxis (cabs) as soon as possible.

How does Drenn Drenn work?

The application designers (Drenn Drenn) will be easy to handle, where the user to locate the taxi and asked to attend, from a smart phone.

As it is available on Android and IOS technologies, Drenn Drenn allows you to travel 24 hours a day, 24 hours on a 24-hour taxi network, all over the Republic.

How to use:

It is enough to be connected to the Internet, detailing the starting and accessing points, the payment method in cash or via Mobicach.

With the GPS service you will be sent to the Plateforme DrennDren platform, which will signal all taxis near you.

Once the taxi driver agrees to the mobility, the user will receive a precise account of the location of the taxi with driver information and the cost of transportation.

After the user has given his consent, he can follow the developments of the taxi site through an updated map. This will allow waiting for the taxi to approach and give a signal to the driver when he is close to the user.

Drenn Drenn: Quality, trust and security

Being keen on the quality of its services, Drenn Drenn offers its customers the ability to assess the driver's performance on the move.

If the rating is negative, the Drenn Drenn team will contact the driver to find out why.

The numbering system will allow to monitor the services provided to customers and ensure performance of the highest quality.

"The goal of Drenn Drenn is to contribute to the development of a high-quality service, especially that users will contribute to the continuous evaluation of performance and services," says Mohammed Bouhilal, the project's lead author. "We understand why we chose to withdraw from the Drenn Drenn program They have three negative comments or comments from their customers, and this decision will enable us to maintain our image that we want to stay at the highest level. "

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